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    Like a tangible mantra, these Ancient Goddess Bracelets can help you find focus and stay grounded.
    You’ll receive a meditation with every purchase.

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Handmade & Empowering Goddess Jewelry

After years of searching, designing and redesigning, we are so excited to bring our GORGEOUS handmade and empowering Goddess jewellery to you!

Archaeologists all over the world are finding small Goddess statues, unearthing them from their ancient burial grounds. These statues are spiritually rich works of art, not mere prehistoric artifacts. They remind us of our prepatriarchal ways, when we worshipped, celebrated and revered feminine power and form, including women and our glorious Mother Earth, for their life-giving, nurturing and creative powers.

Like a tangible mantra, these Ancient Goddess Bracelets can help you find focus and remember your sacred power.

Each piece of Goddess jewellery comes with THREE handmade, Czech glass Goddess beads symbolizing the original trinity of the Goddess: BIRTH, DEATH and REGENERATION.

These beads are created in the highest mountains of the Czech Republic by local artisans. In fact, the mould they use to make these small yet meaningful beads originates from the 1970s and was made by a master mould maker after the Goddess statue now called the Venus of Dolní Věstonice (made in 25,000 BCE), which was discovered close to where the beads are made today.

Connect to our ancient ways.

Connect to our ancient ways and remind yourself of your power! Of who we were when we valued our life-giving, nurturing ways and valued not domination but cooperation and collaboration.

Since our ancient beginnings, people have worn jewellery for both aesthetic and ritual purposes. Whether you charge the charms with your own blessings or have them chosen for you, there is something so empowering about wearing a constant reminder of the intentions you’ve set and the power stored inside of you.

Each piece lovingly includes :  

  • THREE handmade Goddesses
  • Semi-precious stones with different healing and grounding properties
  • A lava stone to absorb the essence of your favourite essential oil
  • An organic cotton hand-stamped bag to store your bracelet in when you’re not wearing it

Special Bonus!!!! With every piece you also receive a beautiful “Introduction to the Goddess” meditation to help you connect to your ancient Earth and woman-loving ways!

Which bracelet resonates with you?

 Peace & Calm with amethyst

Strength & Courage with hematite 

Self-Love with rose quartz

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