• How would your life change if you learned how to love yourself?

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Welcome to our 28-day Self-Love Program!

Self-love is honouring who you are and where you’ve been. It’s time to start!

What is self-love anyway?

Self-love is self-respect.
Self-love is your birthright.
Self-love is a gift you give to yourself and to all those around you.
Self-love is about being your own best friend.
It’s about listening to your own heart and feelings.
Self-love is about self-compassion and self-forgiveness.
It’s about filling yourself up and putting on your own oxygen mask first.
It’s about prioritizing your own needs and nourishment.
It’s about letting go of the old stories of “not enough.”
It’s about redefining yourself in your OWN terms.
Self-love is about honouring the complex and loving being you are.

This Self-Love Program has the convenience of an online course with the support of and effectiveness of group coaching! 

I’m Kelly Hickey, Women’s Empowerment Specialist and Director of Strong Women Co. I’ll be your guide on this mission, if you choose to accept it! And I really hope you do! Learning how to love myself has fundamentally and forever changed my life for the BETTER. It’s opened up a WHOLE FUTURE that wouldn’t have otherwise existed! It’s been a beautiful and challenging journey and the real-life tools, techniques and practices I’ve gathered continue to help me and my clients’ self-love GROW!

I knew it was time to spread the love, light, tips,
tricks and tools by making this accessible program for YOU! This program is
over 15 years in the making and it’s filled with so much helpful and empowering
stuff! There’s great exercises, topics, meditations, affirmations, support,
proven positive-psychology practices and more! And of course, no Strong Women Co Program on love would be complete without learning about Kwan Yin, the Goddess of love, compassion and mercy! There’s so much in this program that I guarantee it will change your life – check out below for more details!

Week 1- Becoming your own Inner-Cheerleader

  • Increase positive self-talk by rewiring your brain in a loving way
  • Learn about the 5 languages of love
  • Learn how important your passions and hearts desires are
  • Learn how to listen to and validate your soft soul voice (aka- your intuition)
  • Learn what patterns you have to let go of to make room for self-love

Week 2 – Self-Acceptance, Self-Compassion, Self-Forgiveness.

  • Learn about Kwan Yin: the Goddess of love, compassion and mercy and the value in her message.
  • Learn how to be more forgiving and compassionate to yourself.
  • Learn how to become your own best friend
  • Learn helpful techniques to process, let go and heal old hurts.
  • “Mothering the Self”

Week 3- Love Your Body

  • Learn how to love and accept your body right now – exactly as you are
  • Learn about the negative messages we receive and how to release and block them
  • Learn how to send body parts love to aid in your healing and health
  • Learn the messages our bodies tell us and how to decipher and listen to them
  • Learn how to increase the love and value you have for your body

Week 4- Self-Love for the Real World

  • Create a self-love tool box with real life tips, tools and techniques
  • Learn about art and self-expression as self care
  • Create a self-care plan for 2019
  • Learn how to radiate your own self-love so your light spreads around you
  • Get confidence in your self-loving abilities in the real-world

Other bonuses include:

  • Self-love affirmations
  • Mantras
  • Breathwork
  • Body work
  • Mirror work
  • Self-Love jar
  • EFT (Emotional Freeing Technique)
  • Self Massage
  • New and Full moon rituals
  • And so much more!


How much time do I need to invest per week?

Here’s the beauty in this program – it’s totally up to you! This program has the convenience of an online course with the support of a group coaching program! It was designed with ease and accessibility in mind for busy women like you!
But because you are a smart woman who likes the details
(and we totally dig that about you!) here’s the deets:

  • Weekly videos are recorded Live on Sundays within our private group and you can catch the replay whenever you can! Videos will be 20 – 30 minutes long and cover the topic of the week.
  • Weekly worksheets will be delivered to your inbox on Thursdays and they usually take 15-25 minutes to complete.
  • Weekly Q&A session will be on Thursdays, giving you a few days to watch the video lesson, read the emails, do your worksheets, etc.
  • Weekly meditations are 10-15 minutes each.

Other things such as journal prompts, the Self-Love journal
challenge, using EFT and other exercises are included in this program and time
invested will vary from person to person.
It’s totally up to you!

When do I get lessons and worksheets? 

As mentioned above, Thursdays and Sundays are the main days you’ll get lessons
(videos and emails) and worksheets. However, this program has many little gifts
and bonuses throughout! We want to make sure you feel loved and supported
through our journey together.

What do I need to do this program?

We wanted to make this program as easy and clear to use as possible and we know that signing up for another online platform can be intimidating and frustrating so we are using things you already have! All you need for this program is a Facebook account and
an email address! Our private Facebook group will be a hub for much of our lessons and interactions. Your email will be sent the worksheets, lesson texts and back-ups!

What if I’m kinda scared to do this program?

If you are a little scared, you are in the right place! We live in a world that has told us that we shouldn’t love and celebrate ourselves and that makes loving ourselves a rebellious and revolutionary act! Self-love is also a hugely life-changing journey that is better with support and encouragement from like-minded sisters! That’s what makes THIS program so different from all the other courses out there. In this program we help each other along. And if the thought of social interactions freak you out a little that’s OK, too! Every interaction in our supportive Facebook group is totally voluntary! No pressure! But it sure does help to know others are there if you need them!

When does this program start?

This program runs February 14th – March 14th, 2019. Yes, it starts on Valentine’s Day! Let’s make that day all about Self-love because you deserve it!

What if I’m away or busy for part of the program?

No problem! As mentioned, you can go at your own pace! All the lessons and worksheets will be ready and waiting for you upon your return!

What you’ll walk away with at the end of our 28 days together:

  • A fuller understanding of how to love yourself, right here, right now.
  • A toolbox full of real-life tools and techniques you can draw from any time you need to boost and cultivate your self-love!
  • A systematic and proven way to increase your positive self-talk.
  • Knowledge and experience in forgiveness and letting go to make room for all the good things coming to you!
  • New ways of thinking about and working through your own limiting beliefs.
  • An understanding of the negative messages out there and how to better protect yourself from them – hello better boundaries!
  • Meaningful connections with other like-minded women on their self-love journeys!
  • An increased self-awareness and confidence!
  • A sense of accomplishment and pride for stepping up your self-love game! Yay, YOU!
  • The ability to better hear your soft-soul voice and all she has to tell you!
  • A better relationship with yourself and others.
  • Increased mindfulness, love and inner-peace.
  • The ability to radiate love from within yourself and not have to look to others for validation!

Plus, a whole heck of a lot more!

Are you ready to fall in LOVE with yourself?

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