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    Dive deep! Get unblocked! Make room for the new!

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Live More Consciously

Dive deep! Get unblocked! Blast through barriers! Make room for the new!

Whether you are totally new lunar cycles or you’ve been interested for years, you can do this program where ever you are!

This 4-week program provides a container in which to experience the whole process of the moon cycle.

A lot can change in a month – well, 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, to be exact.

That’s how long a moon cycle is. And psychologists agree that fundamental and life-transforming changes in behaviour, beliefs and habits can happen in just 28 days.

Get ready to LIVE MORE CONSCIOUSLY for 29 days!

Get ready to learn how to use the
cycles of the moon like our
ancient foremothers did!

Let Go

Those 29 days are going to come and go, regardless. Why not clear judgments, heal wounds, release resentments and feel peace!

This program only takes a limited number of participants each month!

This program is a mixture of one-on-one coaching with Women’s Empowerment Specialist, Kelly Hickey

AND self-discovery work on your own time!

What do you get in this program?

Letting go.

  • Making room and manifesting worksheet – specifically selected questions and writing prompts to help you discover what you need to let go of and what you want to manifest!

One-on-one coaching and consultation call with Empowerment Specialist Kelly!

  • ($140 value!)
  • One hour online call with Kelly where she’ll go through your writing exercises with you and help you dig deep and gain clarity in how to best move forward on your path!

Personalized ritual for the FULL MOON.

  • ($120 value)
  • Based on your writing exercises and your one-on-one call, Kelly designs a custom Full Moon ritual specifically designed just for you, your heart and your spirit!

Personalized affirmations.

  • ($30 value)
  • Custom affirmations to help you on your journey of letting go and manifestation!

Moon reflection worksheets.

  • Writing exercises designed to make the most of your 29 days in The Moon Program.

Personalized ritual for the NEW MOON.

  • ($120 value)
  • It’s time to tell the Universe what you WANT! Kelly will design a custom New Moon MANIFESTATION ritual and action for you, your hopes and your dreams! 
It will incorporate everything in your program AND offer you the chance to be more of an active participant in your life!

Email support.

  • ($150 value)
  • Any time during your Moon Program you can email Kelly with questions or anything else that comes up for you!
  • This Program is one of co-creation, just like you co-create with the Universe. No woman is an island! Kelly will support you along your Moon Program journey.

Price: $350 + taxes

For an additional $100 you can add-on a custom created Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) script valued at $1000!


Find out what the cycle of the moon was
when you were born and what that means for you!

Learn about how the cycles of the moon affect us and our planet.
Gain knowledge in how to create your own custom Moon rituals!


Custom created Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) script

  • ($1000 value)
  • Kelly will create for you a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) script to be read aloud to you on the New Moon.
 The New Moon is ALL about planting new seeds so it’s the perfect time to utilize a proven and effective tool such as NLP. 

NLP works to detect and modify unconscious biases or limitations of an individual’s map or perception of the world.
  • NLP is not hypnotherapy. Instead, it operates through the conscious use of language to bring about changes in someone’s thoughts and behaviour.
  • Kelly will channel and write what you need to hear to open your mind and heart up to the future you want! And on the New Moon Kelly will read this personalized script to you THREE TIMES as you relax and receive it. 

It’s amazing how powerful this process is!
  • By reading it three times, you are able to hear the words and script on multiple layers. 

After reading out your custom script you will be sent the document so you can read it out for yourself. We encourage you to record yourself reading it and to listen to it every day for the next month.
  • You get to reaffirm all the gorgeousness you want to bring into your life!
  • The Moon Program with custom NLP script is only $450!

This program, like all our programs, is all about EMPOWERMENT.

We want to give you the tools to connect with your heart and spirit.

We want to give you the techniques to manifest the future you want!

We want you to live your DREAM LIFE!


  • The Moon Program is limited to a select number of participants each month.
  • The program starts just after the New Moon each month so that participants can get their writing exercises and one-on-one call with Kelly in before the Full Moon.

Participants of The Moon Program learn how to make the energies of the Universe work for them!
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